Learn any languages
As if you were in the country

16-minutes episodes

The learning concept is based on the immersion of the user in a Netflix-like scenario, with Augmented Reality (XR) glasses. the user is not only "watching" (passive) one of the 1.500 episodes available but actively immersed as soon as s.he puts on the XR glasses. Kerbs is about learning and upskilling in languages, through speaking and listening. In each episode, the user listens and answers to at least 3 interactions. It's a near-real conversation and the next scene is different depending on the answer.

Interactive and immersive

Have you ever tried a pair of glasses looking like any other, transparent, launching an immersive episode? Then, people land in your room (AR) and talk to you, you must respond. Suddenly, the glasses darken (VR), you are transported to a restaurant, where all characters, real actors, speak to you. Slowly at first, and then faster. You don't understand? They help you. For 600 hours, you will follow their stories, participate in them, and talk with them for more than 100 hours.

GPA Approach

The learning method is derived from The Growing Participator Approach (GPA), an alternative paradigm for second language acquisition created by Greg Thomson. The GPA's approach can be summarized like this: communing, understanding, talking, evolving.


Acquiring a high level of mastery of a language requires a learning progression, which is monitored by Kerbs. Triggering scenes based on a response, collecting the number of words and sentences mastered, and evaluating the learner's progress at each interaction, is part of the certified path of Kerbs.

"It's not a dream, it's a reality.
Virtual and Augmented.
And when you wake up, you are bilingual."