XR glasses, made easy

Updated: Oct 6

Throughout the beta testing phase of KERBS, the question of whether or not to produce its own pairs of mixed reality glasses arose.

KERBS quickly realized that the design of its glasses was essential for two reasons.

First, the "Tech" side of virtual reality headsets keeps users away who don't necessarily want to look like a cyborg while learning a language!

Secondly, the heavy size of the KERBS VR episodes, the buffering and streaming difficulties, and the personalized scenario in every episode makes the issue of "broadcasting" a challenging one. Thus, it was decided to integrate a mini-SD card for storing KERBS episodes into the temples of the Kerbs XR glasses.

“What did it take to make these glasses look good? First of all, make sure they looked just like an ordinary pair of glasses”

A partnership was immediately concluded with the Finnish firm BRIGHTERWAVE for the technological part. BRIGHTERWAVE designs and develops innovative lasers and laser projection systems ofr AR/VR.

Eyewear Temples Design

Based on the first conclusions and design hypothesis, a curved templeis technologically

better for the client’s comfort.

The comfort is the more important thing in eyewear. The first proposal favored a curved design,with the sound transducer inside a silicon part automatically adjusting to all temples morphologies. Any unwanted compression is thus avoided.

The main problem for the eyewear temples design is to put the transducer into the material,

because it’s very thick (around 8mm).

Here they are!

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