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It is difficult not to present such an innovation without mentioning the notion of "augmented human", more often known as transhumanism. Transhumanism expresses the idea that the human can be 'augmented' by technology.

This idea is often distorted and misunderstood. For example, many people think that transhumanists wish to create a kind of "perfect superman".

We are not looking for an illusory "perfect learner", or for a unique model of the "new hyperglot man" brutally imposed on everyone. On the contrary, we believe that human beings can constantly "become more".

We consider that the human being is not something fixed, and can constantly evolve. How far? No one knows precisely. But if we consider that it is better to be a human being than a worm, why not mastering new skills more efficiently?

We have become "human" after a long process of natural evolution. We believe that this evolution can continue through technology. We wish to develop what makes the richness and diversity of the human being. And language learning is an incredible vehicle for understanding the world, peoples, and for peace.

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