What's the h... is a KERBS episode?

Updated: Oct 18

You dream of learning a language in virtual reality, interacting with characters as if you were a series hero. But what does it actually look like?

So, first of all, no, you are not going to look like a cyborg, as on this beautiful image above, and it is a little the intention that we had from the beginning at KERBS: to create a pleasant design of glasses, close to sunglasses, which embeds, inside its "temples" the interactive episodes.

“Well, okay, I wear these glasses? And then what happens? - Well then, you land in a café, it's 8am, breakfast time, and the waiter gives you a choice between a coffee and a tea. What do you say?”

This is essentially the beginning of the KERBS "experiment". Characters enter and leave the café, talk to each other, fight, and... They see you! All in the language you want to learn... Never a word in your native language. As if you were in the country. And they welcome you, ask you questions, until they almost become your friends. Crazy, isn't it?

Show me an episode!

Come on, we'll do better than that, we can present you, upon request, the pilot episode of KERBS in Arabic, with the PDF version in English, and the version in Arabic. Just ask in the contact form!

For the real experience, well, you have to wait until January 5, 2022, and the official release at CES in Las Vegas.

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