KERBS™ Experiment Box #1

During the KERBS™ experiment, which takes place over a period of 3 months, you will receive 3 "Boxes", the names of which vary according to the chosen language:

· English: Scone Box

· French: Baguette Box

· Spanish: Paella Box

· German: Oktober Box

· Italian: Ravioli box

· Russian: Matrioshka Box

· Chinese: Dragon Box

· Arabic: Flying Carpet Box

In the first two boxes, virtual reality (VR), augmented (AR) or mixed (XR) device will be included. The last box will be the subject of a surprise.


The first box sent is the simplest. Sent in a bubble envelope, with a welcome letter and a surprise, the simple VR glasses is a partnership with MOCOM.

The MOCOM goggles can be clipped on any type of Smartphone (Android or iOS), and allow the beta tester a level I-immersion (simple immersion, without helmet constraint, with the equipment held in the hands). This system seems to be well adapted to phase I of the experiment, in passive learning.

· Fold-able lens plates with a board of focal length

· World’s smallest and Ultra-light-weighted pocket VR viewer

· Patented in USA (NO 9,804,401) and S. Korea (10-1913887)

· WWGC (Work with google Cardboard) certified

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