Pedagogy and entertainment balanced in an immersive and interactive experience

Kerbs VR language learning platform is the engaging addition to any language course through its unique immersive and innovative learning experience, based on expert pedagogical processes.

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Interactive content combined with recognised methodology

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Available in English

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Episodes are CEFR compliant

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Virtual Reality and 360° videos

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From A1 to C1 level

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Different episodes to choose from

Watch. Listen. Understand. Speak. Repeat.

Inside Kerbs café, students watch 15-min episodes with real native actors speaking directly to learners at any level (A1-C1). Characters in our 360-degree show help students understand and become the heroes of the story. Students can interact with characters and speak a foreign language out loud without feeling self-conscious.

Entertainment + pedagogy combined

Kerbs helps students build the confidence to speak a foreign language by engaging in interactive stories and having fun. There are 1500 episodes to choose from.

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Speaking skills improvement

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Closest to in-country immersion.

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A real-life scenario.

Native speakers.

Have fun while practice.

Designed to help students evolve.


"I feel like I have progressed in understanding, I know about 70-80 words by the 15th episode. The actors are dynamic and friendly."

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Louise Queudot

Innovating Language Learning

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Virtual Reality

Using a VR headset ,a powerful tool that helps them to learn new vocabulary in context.

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360° videos

Episodes can also be accessed on a computer which allows the student to enjoy an immersive learning experience without a VR headset.



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