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What is Kerbs™?

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Kerbs™ is the next generation innovative Augmented Reality (AR) environment for contextual, situational and interaction based language learning. It leverages highly immersive content to increase emotions and adrenaline, for the most effective results. You are the hero of a real-time scenario!

There are many language learning services, but what will make KERBS™ unique is its focus on helping users learn in an immersive way and discover new content every week. KERBS™ wants to break the mold of typical language learning platforms and instead offers learners a totally new user experience.

The learning experience is intended to be immersive within an augmented reality universe in which the user is the hero, immersed by a scenario in the target language, in which s.he can progressively interact. The underlying pedagogy, the Growing Participator Approach (GPA), an alternative paradigm for second language acquisition created by Greg Thomson, relies on a Six-Phase Program (SPP), created by Thomson, an idealized program to guide a growing participator into deep involvement with a community.


Virtual reality & Business Model

Kerbs™ is a Learning Management System, that can be implemented in several AR device, Hololens, Mocom, Zappar or Lenovo AR Mirage.

Content is created by Kerbs™ studio, and allows creation of content by users as well as leveraging existing content. Kerbs™ community can create short films or movies in their own countries, as well as allows for live, online role playing within the situational language learning context, adjusted to the level of language knowledge of participants.

The business model is based on the subscription economy as well as in-app sales. Funds and grants help Kerbs™ to have a lower price at the beginning to help tackle the usual low willingness to pay in language learning solutions…


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