Gain confidence to speak a foreign language

Kerbs combines pedagogy and entertainment to provide an effective and enjoyable way to improve speaking skills, making it a great supplement to any language course.

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Each episode lasts 15 minutes

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Available in English

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Get certified

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Interactive scenes

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From A1 to C1 level

Immerse yourself in a new reality

Kerbs invites you to step inside a story with real actors and interact with them.

Boost your speaking skills.

Immersive language learning is one of the most effective ways to acquire a second language in a short period of time because you're learning new vocabulary in context.

Try a real life scenario.

Actors will ask you questions although you won't know when. This is a great way to improve your ability to respond spontaneously as you would in real life situations.

Have fun while you practice.

Enjoy a safe and friendly environment to hone your skills. The actors will even encourage you if you're struggling. Everyone wants you to succeed.

Specifically designed to help you evolve.

Kerbs episodes are formulated by language experts and screenwriters to help you build a larger vocabulary and to master your speaking skills.

Try a unique immersive learning experience - Virtual Reality

Put your VR headset on and enter a new era of language learning.

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Virtual Reality headset Oculus Quest2

Using a VR headset, students immerse themselves in a Kerbs episode, a real-life scenario recreated by technology.

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360° videos

Episodes can also be viewed on a computer. Experience immersive learning via 360° videos.

What our Users are saying:

I feel like I have progressed in understanding, I know about 70-80 words by the 15th episode. The actors are dynamic and friendly.

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Louise Queudot

I love the actors. They come up with new stuff every episode! They are funny and super engaging.

Display avatar of Christel Juvet

Christel Juvet

I feel that I have made progress and I have learned a lot of words. I would definitely recommend and believe in this solution.

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Naili Shahynaz



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