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The learning concept is based on the immersion of the user in a Netflix-like scenario, but s.he’s not « watching » (passive) but actively immersed as soon as s.he wears the glasses. Kerbs™ is not only an environment, but a social network, where users interact in the target language and sometimes with some friends of theirs to solve riddles and go to the next level/episode. A 500-hour scenario, starting from level A1 of the CEFRL to level C1, allowing
the user to master 6,500 words.

It has been developed based on the insight gained through cooperation with professionals, students and institutions that are in need of second language skills alongside regular communications skills, which by analysts has been identified as the key skill required to be successful.

The learning method is derived from The Growing Participator Approach (GPA), an alternative paradigm for second language acquisition created by Greg Thomson. The GPA's approach can be summarized as follows: communing, understanding, talking, evolving.

An experiment is available from Dec. 2020 to Feb. 2021.