We love language, education and technology.

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Who we are

A multicultural company forged by the shared goal of revolutionizing the way people acquire language proficiency. We believe that combining pedagogy and entertainment is a successful formula for effective learning.

Schools can add this innovative platform to their regular courses and offer their students a fully immersive experience via Virtual Reality, 360° videos or Oculus Quest2. This will attract more students, help retain current students and increase revenue for the school.

Students will benefit from this unique immersive language learning experience without leaving their own country. An invigorating and effective way to gain fluency in a foreign language.

Why we are unique

Our content is based on the Growing Participator Approach (GPA) - a methodology focused on developing a person's verbal skills. To this end, our episodes are crafted by specialists to ensure that each episode includes a minimum of three interactions.

We recreate "real-life" authentic conversations. Most VR solutions on the market today are based on click-through answers and avatars----but not Kerbs. At Kerbs, students are free to speak and interact with real actors.

Where Does the Name "Kerbs" Come From?

Funny story. Have you heard of Emil Krebs? He was a German polyglot who spoke 68 languages. Yes, 68. It isn’t a mistake. Inspired by his ability to master so many languages, we chose Kerbs, a little adaptation of his surname.

Meet our multicultural team

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Dejan Rasuo


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Simeon Jelisavcic


Maitea Miquelajauregui




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