Who We Are

All graduates of the "Entrepreneurship and Innovation" program at the prestigious HEC Business School, the 4 co-founders of Kerbs know how to blend knowledge of linguistics, pedogy, technology and finance


  • A good predictive sense

  • Build and bridge connections

  • Create innovative roadmaps


  • A relevant practical approach

  • A rich technical experience

  • A big-picture thinker bringing rigor


  • A process-oriented approach

  • Break ideas into actionable actions/steps

  • Suggest a practical follow-through


  • Brings technical skills in Finance

  • A result-oriented approach

  • An attentive listener

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You are the hero

Remember "The book of which you are the hero"? Bandersnatch in Black Mirror?

Being at the heart of decisions is not a new phenomenon.

Kerbs is the next generation innovative Mixed Reality (XR) environment for contextual, situational and interaction-based language learning. It leverages highly immersive content to increase emotions and adrenaline, for the most effective results. You are the hero of a real-time scenario!

Kerbs, as an immersive learning solution, works with the following package:

•            Mixed reality glasses

•            Immersive VR and AR content

•            A mobile application allowing an effective interactive experience. This application is in a way the remote control of the XR glasses.

KERBS is made of thousands of 16' episodes where the learner speaks at least 3 times.

The taste of Innovation

Innovation 1

Replicating the effect of a near-real conversation is one of KERBS' 3 main innovation pillars. Almost all virtual reality applications are based on click-based choices, or selections. Here, the innovation is based on simulated immediacy and spontaneity. A character speaks, I answer him/her, and the next scene starts according to this answer, without pause, without buffer, without click. A true simulation of reality.

Innovation 2

The second innovation is pedagogical. Acquiring a high level of mastery of a language requires a learning progression, which must be mastered. Triggering scenes based on a response, collecting the number of words and sentences mastered, and evaluating the learner's progress at each interaction, constitute the second innovation of KERBS.

Innovation 3

The development of a pair of mixed reality glasses (AR/VR) of similar weight and size to standard glasses, with a change of tint by photoelectric reaction to switch from AR to VR, and the insertion of 600 hours of embedded interactive episodes constitute the third innovation of KERBS.