Language Learning

Learn any languages in Mixed Reality

5 Languages

From A1 to B2

Available in Virtual Reality and 360 degrees

600+ hours of interactive episodes

What We Offer

Our solution proposes to learn a language by focusing on conversational practice, in virtual reality, with 1,500 episodes of 16 minutes

The KERBS package


Mixed reality (XR) goggles enable to watch 1,500 16-minute episodes, from beginner to advanced, while interacting with the actors

A mobile

A mobile application allows to interact during the program, to switch from one episode to another, and to follow its progress


During each episode, the actors exchange with the learner, and ask him/her questions that he/she must answer. Depending on the answer, the next scene changes

A certified

The episodes offer a progression on different levels, from beginner (A1) to Intermediate ++ (B2) and a level certificate is awarded.

The Tripod Success


I feel like I have progressed in understanding, I know about
70-80 words by the 15th episode.
The actors are dynamic and

Louise Queudot

I love the actors. They come up
with stuff every episode! They
are funny and super engaging

Christel Juvet

I feel that I have made progress
and I have learned a lot of
words. I would definitely
recommend and believe in this

Naili Shahynaz


Our Events

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Vorrei provare KERBS, come posso fare?

Kerbs è disponibile solo attraverso distributori approvati, centri di formazione linguistica della rete affiliata KERBS. Contattateci per potervi indirizzare al centro più vicino a voi.

Il mio centro di studi linguistici vorrebbe unirsi alla network KERBS

Con piacere! Compila il modulo di contatto e ti risponderemo a breve

Sono previste altre lingue in KERBS?

5 lingue aggiuntive sono previste per la prima metà del 2022: tedesco, russo, coreano, portoghese, olandese.
Per ulteriori informazioni su queste lingue, o sulle future versioni, contattaci.

KERBS è disponibile e a che prezzo?

KERBS sarà rilasciato ufficialmente il 5 gennaio 2022, al CES di Las Vegas. Tutte le informazioni dettagliate sarano disponibili in quel momento.