The next best thing to in-country immersion when it comes to language learning

Kerbs is an interactive VR language learning environment that allows students to learn in context

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  • Boost learner retention.

    Reports show 4x increase*

  • Beat the competition.

    Use innovative next- gen technology

  • Empower teachers.

    Get student attention and skill
    confidence by 275%*

  • Improve classroom practice.

    VR creates 3.75x greater
    emotional connection*

Kerbs magic formula for effective learning combines a pedagogical approach with immersive and real life content.

Fits all schools' pedagogy. Kerbs is CEFR compliant and eligible as supplement for IELTS certification (listening and speaking paper).

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Building speaking skills. Our content is based on the Growing Participator Approach (GPA), a methodology that focuses on developing verbal skills created by Greg Thomson.

Interactive content. Kerbs empowers learners and incorporate in interactive conversation that make language learning fun and engaging.

Immersive experience. Kerbs allows learners to be fully immersed in a language environment, providing a more realistic and engaging language learning experience.

Native speakers. Students can practice real-life conversations, with real actors not animation. Interact with native speakers, explore different cultural contexts.

Reduce learning anxiety. Safe and low-stress environment for learners to practice their language skills without fear of embarrassing themselves in front of others.

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Track student’s progress. After each episode, a transcript of the student's interactions and answers can easily be accessed as personalized feedback on student performance.

Certification. At the end of each level, students can receive a certificate attesting to the level acquired.

A new way to learn.

Bring innovation to your language school, attract more students and boost your revenues

Kerbs can be accessed by using:

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Virtual Reality headset Oculus Quest2

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360° videos on computers

What our Users are saying:

I feel like I have progressed in understanding, I know about 70-80 words by the 15th episode. The actors are dynamic and friendly

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Louise Queudot

I love the actors. They come up with new stuff every episode! They are funny and super engaging

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Christel Juvet

I feel that I have made progress and I have learned a lot of words. I would definitely recommend and believe in this solution.

Display avatar of Naili Shahynaz

Naili Shahynaz

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